Information For This Year

Below, please find the agenda for MSW 7, Spring 2019. All events will be held at the John Crerar Library (JCL) on the University of Chicago campus. John Crerar Library is the home of UChicago's Computer Science Department and is located at 5730 S. Ellis Ave., Chicago, IL 60637. As the midwest spans two different time zones, please note that Chicago is on Central Time.

All of our full-group plenary events will be held in JCL 390. To be as inclusive as possible, we have left the event registration open even though we now have more registrants than seats in JCL 390. As a result, we will be telecasting (audio and video) the event into the 3rd floor research commons directly outside JCL 390, as well as in JCL 298.

We have a map available for our break-out sessions and restrooms in JCL.

Follow the conversation with #msw19 on Twitter.

9:15a - 10:00aRegistration and Breakfast
Coffee service and light breakfast (bagels, granola bars, yogurt, and fruit) will be provided in the 3rd floor kitchenette area. Please feel free to eat in any common areas of the 2nd or 3rd floor research commons.
JCL 3rd floor lobby
10:00a - 10:30aWelcome and OverviewJCL 390 (overflow telecast in JCL 298)
10:30a - 11:30aPanel Discussion
The Future of Computer Security
JCL 390 (overflow telecast in JCL 298)
11:30a - 12:30pSpeed Advising (Schedule of Speed Advising Assignments)
Mentors will stay in place in the 2nd floor research commons, and students will come to them. When not meeting with a mentor, please stay on the third floor.
2nd floor research commons
12:30p - 2:30pLunch and Poster Session
Lunch will be available in the 3rd floor kitchenette area. Please see a student volunteer in the kitchenette area if you requeted a vegan, kosher, made-without-gluten, or halal meal; those will be kept separate. Once you have your food, the poster session will take place in the 3rd floor research commons, while space will be available on both the 2nd and 3rd floor common areas, in JCL 298, and in the 1st floor cafe area, to sit and eat.
3rd floor research commons
2:30p - 3:15pKeynote
For the People: (Human) Factors to Consider in Security and Privacy Research Apu Kapadia
Apu Kapadia, Indiana University
In this talk, I will make a case for considering human factors in your research. Although not all of us may 'need' to run user studies, your research could benefit from a deeper understanding of what to build, what not to build, why to build it, and how people might benefit from your inventions. Many of you may be reticent to enter this space of 'usable security' - I hope to demystify some of the methods by weaving in a narrative of my explorations on privacy in the context of wearable cameras. It is my hope this talk will inspire some of you to factor in the human because, in the end, we are securing systems for the people, attacked by the people.
JCL 390 (overflow telecast in JCL 298)
3:15p - 3:45pCoffee Break
Coffee service will be provided in the 3rd floor kitchenette area.
JCL 2nd and 3rd floor research commons
3:45p - 4:30pLightning Talks
Amin Kharraz (UIUC) on Cyber Crime
Jeremiah Blocki (Purdue) on Cryptography
Matt Bernhard (Michigan) on Election Security
Neil Gong (Iowa State) on Machine Learning for Security and Privacy
Sibin Mohan (UIUC) on the Resiliency of Cyber-Physical Systems
JCL 390 (overflow telecast in JCL 298)
4:30p - 6:00pBreak-out Discussion Sessions
• Cryptocurrency / Blockchain led by Andrew Miller (UIUC)
 in 3rd floor lounge area (the overflow seating directly outside JCL 390)
• Cryptography led by Aniket Kate (Purdue)
 in JCL 257
• Internet of Things led by Carl Gunter (UIUC)
 in JCL 298
• Machine Learning led by Ben Zhao (UChicago)
 in 2nd floor research commons
• Measurement led by Michael Bailey (UIUC)
 in JCL 223
• Mobile Security led by Antonio Bianchi (Iowa)
 in JCL 236
• Network & Communications Security led by J. Alex Halderman (Michigan)
 in JCL 354
• Policy / Ethics / Law led by Christopher Clifton (Purdue)
 in JCL 280
• Privacy-Enhancing Technologies led by Nikita Borisov (UIUC)
 in JCL 346
• Software and Systems Security led by XiaoFeng Wang (Indiana)
 in JCL 390
• Transitioning Between Academia and Industry led by William Conner (UChicago)
 in JCL 205
• Usable Security led by Sameer Patil (Indiana)
 in JCL 356
• Web Security led by Jason Polakis (UIC)
 in JCL 207
See per-session locations on the left and our map
6:00p - 6:15pConcluding RemarksJCL 390 (overflow telecast in JCL 298)
6:15p - 6:45pTown Hall on the Future of MSWJCL 390
Beginning at 6:45pDinner/Social On Your OwnOn your own