Information For This Year

Below, please find the draft agenda for MSW 6. All events will be held at either the NCSA Building or the Siebel Center on the UIUC campus.

9:30a - 10:00aRegistration and Coffee ServiceNCSA Lobby
10:00a - 10:15aWelcome and OverviewNCSA Auditorium
10:15a - 11:15aKeynote: System Security Research From Discovery to Innovation
XiaoFeng Wang, Indiana UniversityXiaoFeng Wang
Innovations in security research often come from the curiosity about how rules can be bent. The interdisciplinary nature of system security further presents the researcher a vast space to explore such opportunities. In this talk, I will share our experience in finding and understanding security weaknesses on the technology frontier, demonstrating how big questions can be asked to help discover subtle but fundamental security problems inside modern computing systems, and how such findings can reshape system security designs, bringing forth new techniques, new research directions. More specifically, using mobile and IoT as examples, I will show that discovery and analysis of their surprising side channel weaknesses (which can be exploited by even the apps without permissions to expose one’s identity, locations, health information, etc.) questions the "security by construction" designs of these systems, identifying what need to be addressed to better protect them. Further to be presented is the preliminary effort to automate such a discovery process, by leveraging the knowledge automatically recovered from documents to guide detection of security-critical vulnerabilities. Finally, I will highlight the key insights of system security research and discuss the directions that might impact the development of new security technologies in the years to come.
NCSA Auditorium
11:15a - 12:15pPanel Discussion: Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Roya Ensafi

Ryan Henry
NCSA Auditorium
12:15p - 1:30pLunch & Poster SessionSiebel Center 2405
1:30p - 2:45pSpeed Advising: Schedule of Speed Advising AssignmentsRoom Assignments (Siebel 2405 is available as a break room)
2:45p - 3:15pBreakNCSA Lobby
3:15p - 3:45pLightning Talks
Aniket Kate (Purdue) on Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
Apu Kapadia (Indiana) on Internet of Things
Ben Zhao (UChicago) on Machine Learning in Security & Privacy
Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani (Indiana) on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Florian Schaub (Michigan) on Usable Security
Lotfi ben Othmane (Iowa State) on Software Security
Michael Bailey (UIUC) on Measurement
Nathan Burow (Purdue) on Systems Security
Will Scott (Michigan) on Network & Communications Security
NCSA Auditorium
3:45p - 5:00pBreak-out Discussion Sessions
• Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (NCSA Auditorium)
• Systems Security (Siebel Center 2405)
• Usable Security (Siebel Center 3102)
• Machine Learning (Siebel Center 3401)
• Network & Communications Security (Siebel Center 3403)
• Internet of Things (Siebel Center 3405)
• Software Security (Siebel Center 4403)
• Measurement (Siebel Center 4405)
• Cryptocurrency / Blockchain (Siebel Center 4407)
See per-session locations on the left
5:00p - 5:30pConcluding RemarksNCSA Auditorium
5:30p - 6:00pTown Hall on the Future of MSWNCSA Auditorium
Beginning at 6:00pDinner/Social (on your own)On your own